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Market Update – Inflation Overshoots

Investment Update – Inflation Overshoots – 20th May 2022 Overview The first quarter of 2022 was a volatile period for equity markets.  The ongoing conflict in Ukraine caused extreme uncertainty, although there was some relief toward the end of the period, partly due to the fact that the conflict hadn’t escalated further.  Meanwhile, lockdowns in […]

Vantage Points – The Changing Economics of War and Peace

The Changing Economics of War and Peace If you head to room 18 in the National Gallery you will find a painting by Rubens: Minerva protects Pax from Mars. Painted in 1629, it is dominated by a female figure, Pax (Peace) surrounded by children.  She is shielded by Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, from the […]

Market Update – The Crisis In Ukraine

Investment Update – The Crisis In Ukraine – 1st March 2022 The Crisis in Ukraine I am sure you, like we, are watching with disbelief and horror as the events in Ukraine unfold. Our day to day job of making judgements on economics and markets seems entirely out of place at a time when ordinary […]

Market Update – Dark Skies

Investment Update – Dark Skies – 14th February 2022 Overview Investors experienced mixed results in the fourth quarter of 2021, as equity markets rose in the US, UK, and Europe, but fell in China and were generally weak in the rest of Asia and Emerging markets.  There were jitters in November, partly due to fears […]

Vantage Points – Why become a B Corp?

Why become a B Corp? – 1st February 2022 Last week was a good week for Oakham Wealth, as we announced that we had achieved B Corp status. After almost a year of assessment managed by B Lab UK, we’re proud to join the B Corp community of over 4,500 firms across the planet, including […]

Vantage Points – The Unstoppable B Corp Movement

The Unstoppable B Corp Movement – 11th February 2022 ‘Business should be used as a force for good.’ That is the mission statement of B Labs, a non-profit network headquartered in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia which is slowly changing the world for the better – one company at a time. A year ago I […]

Company News

Oakham Achieves B Corp Status – 25th January 2022 B Corps are companies that have met certain standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.  A key concept is to balance the needs of all stakeholders rather than prioritising shareholders. This means putting clients, employees, business partners, the community, and the environment at the […]

Vantage Points

Can we save the planet by getting men to invest more like women? – 8th December 2021 Evidence shows women are better investors and more committed to sustainable investing, so is it time we all applied some intuition? It is a principle widely accepted in the field of behavioural finance that men and women are […]

Market Update

Investment Update – 19th November 2021 Overview Equity markets rallied at the start of the third quarter, but faltered toward the end, as economic risks increased.  In the US and UK, although economic activity continued to expand, with consumers continuing to spend and employers hiring, the momentum of the recovery slowed.  The virulent Delta variant […]

Vantage Points

The COP26 moment of truth – 3rd November 2021   Just in case you missed it, the meeting of world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow – not to mention the rash of governmental announcements that are accompanying it – points to one massive, inescapable truth: namely that somewhere between the signing of the Paris climate agreement in […]