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Trumpageddon, or just more theatrics in US politics?

Well, it happened… It is fair to say that most of the world is in a state of disbelief today. It would be comical if Donald Trump’s victory wasn’t such a surprising indictment of the state of US politics. 24 hours ago it was expected…
Brexit - Oakham Wealth Management

Brexit: Politics & uncertainty

After significant political fallout and numerous high profile resignations on both sides of the House, we now know that the next Prime Minister will be one of two people. Theresa May, who was broadly in favour of Remain, is currently most likely…
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The UK vote to leave the EU

No need to panic: As ever, markets don’t like uncertainty. However, they have not moved excessively or unreasonably today. While the betting odds have, for several months, suggested strongly that the UK would vote to Remain, the narrow…